Bring the Fresh….Bring what? :-)


What “Bring the Fresh” is definitely NOT:

  • Bring the fresh is NOT a “Make Money Ultra Fast” plan, (that is honestly only “achievable” by WINNING the lottery jackpot)….
  • Another shiny course that promises you all while delivering nearly nothing…
  • A training course with poor customer support, conversation, and guidance…

What Bring the Fresh surely IS??!

  • A Quality scheme that highly over delivers
  • An very easy to follow training course and must-have for the novice and
  • important tool for the experienced.
  • A partner and coach with superb customer support and contact…
  • A coaching program that is growing with you at your particular pace…

The ultimate relevant questions to ask yourself

before moving on is….

What are you searching for? Why are you just here?

relax and enjoy financial freedom trough Bring The Fresh



Financial Freedom?

Do you want to quit your job?

Do you just searching for new hobbies?

Let’s assume you reached Financial Security. What would it be worth to you??

What do you think Financial Freedom is worth??


$42,000 and four years of concentrated hard work?

(The Average amount of a four-year degree)

How would that degree pay off for you?

Is it $4,500 and 33 hours a week?

Or $1,200 and 21 hours a week?

I was working 75 hours a week as a lawyer

when I stumbled across Bring the Fresh.

I had absolutely NO web design skills, NO internet marketing experience.

Heck, I Didn’t even know how to spell SEO the right way.

Do you randomly have $7 and just a few hours per week to dedicate?
If so, you are in luck!!

Bring-The-Fresh-PlateBring the Fresh is offering you a trial with full access for just only $7.00!!!


Test a week with full member access before you buy!


Remember, this is definitely NOT a TRICK….

You’ll NOT be charged automatically after the Trial ends

BTF offers this special deal because Kelly Felix and Mike Long are 100% confident in their training course.

You are skeptical?  Visit one of the many members websites to read a few of their success stories….

pros-and-consContinue reading how I got started and discover the Pros and Cons of BTF

There are really many possible ways to let your net worth grow and make a remarkable “Passive Income”.  It’s not about to reinvent the wheel, spend thousands of dollars on coaching programs, or work over 90 hours a week.

Find a Mentor

The secret is to find yourself a mentor who has already achieved what you desire, with persistent SUCCESS and proven RESULTS, and learn how to do exactly what they did and still do.  Sounds simple doesn’t it?

Well, IT IS Simple!….. The only tricky part is finding a trustworthy mentor who is ethical and really cares about your progress.  You can trust me, I’ve tested them all….. I would never ever put my name on the line if I didn’t trust in BTF.  Bring the Fresh believed in me and they will believe in you…

Have you ever spent money on “Proven” courses, trainings, classes, and false promises?  I surely have…. And that is the reason why I am here, to help YOU and others learn from my typical rookie mistakes, and why I am definitely NOT promoting one of those “other” courses.  I have given way too much money and more importantly, my precious time to those products.

My Official Review of Bring the Fresh

What is different about “Bring the Fresh”?  To be absolutely honest, when I first browsed Kelly Felix’s and Mike Long’s SEO mastering, internet marketing website; I thought “this is the most goofy, ugly-looking logo and training program I have ever seen in my whole life!”  As we all know, looks can deceive…


After a while I was tired, frustrated, and hopeless in my quest of mastering this crazy thing called “internet marketing”.  I don’t have a marketing background, an IT degree or even web-building knowledge.

But, they promised to guide me through step-by-step via personal coaching videos…  Some of the biggest names in Affiliate Marketing are highly recommending these videos.  People who were willing to put their own name on the line.

When I finally decided to click the “Sign Up” button, I was immediately fascinated!!  Their one-on-one videos with very easy to follow guidance had me creating my very first SUCCESSFUL website that day….


You know what? I did exactly what Kelly and Mike told me to from finding a profitable niche, a related domain name, a web hosting company, web-building platform, to produce the important and most relevant content and using really SMART SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques.

My first three websites were up and running within two weeks, my websites were on the FIRST page of Google. For my chosen KEYWORD within the first 14-21 days and from now on I made money!


To make myself clear, I spent really a lot of time and hard work those first few weeks, totally focused on learning and practising. Today, all I have to do is spend less than two hours a week checking if everything is up and running on those sites and regularly adding new fresh related content.

The product Bring The is truly LEGIT!  I joined their team as a full member and started my brand new online business while working as a lawyer main time, and working on my online business part-time……  Yes, it is that easy to follow these simple steps.

I am not a computer nerd, in fact I get made fun of for how little I know about internet, web-building and software… I don’t even play games on my PC.


Thank God PHP and HTML knowledge is definitely NOT necessary at all!!

The BTFers give PERSONAL care to each member and openly express their successes, failures, personal lives, and even personal contact information, including access to their private Facebook pages.  I don’t know really if anybody else would do that for you!

Since I become a member in summer of 2012, I have a couple of successful sites online and truly have become close friends with many of them…You can have that too. Just check out their site.


If you like, keep on wasting your time and money looking for the next shiny thing.  You surely will save money and earn a lot more by joining their team. Now, instead of later!……. My only regret is not finding Bring the Fresh earlier!

Now, I too am an open book, and put my truly good name on the line by promoting and recommending these cool guys.

Feel free to leave a reply!

Stacy J. Darr